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PATCH strives to HELP all child survivors of sexual abuse find HOPE and HEALING. PATCH provides a holistic set of services to the survivors of child sexual abuse. The response include assessment, therapeutic interventions, court preparation, and a 24-hour crisis line. All services are provided by a skilled team of registered Social Workers and Social Auxiliary workers.

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You are not alone. Please call our 24 Hour Helpline 021 852 6110 — one of our experienced crisis workers is waiting to assist.

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1. Child Assessments

All children referred to PATCH for suspected child sexual abuse is assessed. The first step for is a socio-emotional assessment. If within 72-hours of an incident, a medico-legal assessment is carried out.

2. Therapeutic Services

A range of professional therapeutic services for child survivors are offered by qualified social workers and psychological counsellors based at our centres throughout the Helderberg basin.

3. Court Preparation

Appearing in a criminal court is a very frightening experience for an adult, even more so for a young child. PATCH provides court preparation and support services to all child survivors, their families for cases that are being prosecuted in a sexual offences or magistrate court. Preparatory sessions are also facilitated for witnesses.

4. 24 Hour Helpline

PATCH Helderberg operates a 24 hour crisis service to child survivors of sexual abuse. The service is operated by dedicated voluntary crisis workers.

Our Impact


1 in 3 Children have experienced some form of sexual abuse in SA


A South African Context


90% of abused children know their abuser

New Cases

Ongoing Cases

Children & Parents Reached

PATCH Prevention and Awareness programmes are used to educate the youth and parents of the Helderberg.

Parents are helped to understand the effects of sexual abuse on a child and different ways of dealing with the resulting trauma. Parents are encouraged to report abuse and support their children through the lengthy process following an incident of sexual abuse.

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