Awareness raising and education is vital to prevent child sexual abuse.

The PATCH Prevention and Awareness programmes are used to raise awareness and educate the children, youth and parents in the communities in Helderberg with the highest prevalence of child sexual abuse..

Children Prevention and Awareness programmes aim to teach children and youth about the dangers of child sexual abuse, information about my body, the right to say no. Children are taught about good and bad touch, good and bad secrets and what to do if sexual abuse occurs. Children are told about the process following disclosure, who they can tell and where to go for help.

Depending on the age of the children the programme will be adapted to include age appropriate information with regards to specific problems children of that age might encounter.

Parents are empowered with parenting skills and the effects of sexual abuse on a child and different ways of dealing with the resulting trauma. Parents are encouraged to report abuse and support their children through the lengthy process following an incident of sexual abuse.

On average the prevention workers reach about 7000 or more children per year in the Helderberg area of Cape Town.

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