24 Hour Crisis Line

021 852 6110

 24 Hour Crisis Service

PATCH / Helderberg Child Abuse Centre renders a 24 hour crisis service to child victims of sexual abuse.

Dedicated voluntary crisis workers offer emotional support after a child has disclosed their case of abuse and laid a charge with the police.

Crisis workers are on call every evening, during weekends as well as on public holidays (when most referrals are usually received)

What to do

  • Do not take a bath
  • Report the case to your nearest police station
  • Contact PATCH 24 hr crisis line: (021) 852 6110
  • Get professional help, PATCH offers free therapy to child victims of sexual abuse in the Helderberg area

Our Task

The role of the crisis worker is to accompany the child to the hospital and offer emotional support during the medico-legal examination, while the doctor collects forensic evidence for the court case.

Crisis workers will give the child a comfort toy (teddy bear) to put them at ease. After the examination, the child may take a bath and get a clean set of clothes, underwear and toiletries. 

The doctor will also prescribe Post-Exposure Prophylaxis treatment to reduce the chance of contracting HIV, pregnancy  and Sexually Transmitted diseases if the incident took place within the 72hr window period.

Training for Crisis Workers include

  • Different types of child abuse
  • The impact of abuse on the child
  • Different types of rapists
  • Handling disclosures
  • HIV/Aids and pre-test counselling
  • Legislation around child sexual abuse and HIV/Aids
  • Role of the doctor with regards to collecting evidence and the crime kit

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